Our Pets

We have three beautiful female dogs:

 Minx A fifteen year old full Siberian Husky with gorgeous blue eyes and classic black and white markings.

 Nicky Midnight Minx's daughter, an eleven year old half Husky. First born and tiny she quickly grew bigger than most of her litter mates, she now is a rather imposing size. She has deep brown eyes and classic markings, but, being black and dark brown they're hard to see.

 Cinnamon Minx's daughter and Midnight's littermate, another eleven year old half Husky. Average size for the litter at birth, she remained tiny and was soon the runt. She stayed small as she grew and is now about the size of a large cocker spaniel. She inherited her short hair from her daddy and is an interesting cinnamony color (hence her name - we've been told that it's called brindle) with very expressive brown eyes. The only visible inheritance from her Husky ancestry is a tail that curves up over her back.

Our dogs are the mascots for our Girl Scout troop.

They love getting out in the woods and hiking. We believe strongly in leashes - no matter how well-trained your dog is, a leash on the trail is a good idea for the protection of the humans AND the animals.

Minx's page is about hiking with dogs. Be sure to check out the links from there.

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