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Hi! My name is Nicholas and this is my first homepage!
I like going to Chuck E. Cheese because I LOVE pizza and games.

I love dogs and hiking in the woods. My dog is a female Siberian Husky named after me
- she's called Nicky Midnight. She's eight years old.

I love being homeschooled - my mom and dad (and sometimes my big sisters) are my teachers.
We get to go on lots of neat field trips and do fun science experiments, too.

I'm a big Harry Potter fan! My dad reads a chapter from one of the books to me every night.
We've read all five books together at least five or six times! It's lots of fun to all pile on Mom and Dad's bed and listen to Dad reading to all of us.
We all play the Harry Potter Card game, too. I love making up new decks and trying them out.

I'm a Lego-holic. I LOVE LEGOs!! I'm trying to collect all of the Harry Potter Legos sets and I spend lots of time designing my own Lego creations. I'd like to be a Lego designer when I grow up.

A few years ago I was a Tiger Cub Scout. There were seventeen Big Ideas that Tiger Cubs could earn. My district used neat patches for them instead of the Paw Print iron-ons. I earned all seventeen of them!.

Then I was a Cub Scout. I earned my Bobcat, Wolf, Bear and Webelos levels. Now I'm a Lone Scout which means that I work on my Boy Scout things on my own or with my family instead of with a regular den or pack.

I'll be adding to this page just a little at a time. You can see some of our family member's pages if you check out the links below.

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Yahooligans! Yahoo for kids
My sister Gabrielle and I like finding fun new sites with this site.

You can write to me at: dragnz@knology.net

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