Debbie's Lagniappe - Candlemaking

Candlemaking is a hobby I've played at on and off for over twenty years - all the way back to high school.

Today it's easier than ever to learn about and try. Craft shops like Hobby Lobby and Ben Franklin
and Micheal's carry supplies. Candle Magic (by Distlefink) has made candlemaking as easy as sand art
with it's pourable wax and kits. You can get it at most craft supply stores or the craft department in Walmart.

You can even try something small and really inexpensive by getting a small (one pound) box of paraffin wax
from the grocery or Walmart (it's with the canning supplies). Just be sure to read up about it first
and always ALWAYS! follow common-sense safety rules.

Check out some of the sites below for ideas and information.

If you have any questions you can drop me a note at:
1997 - 2005

Historical "How-To"

How to Make Candles, Scentballs and Soap the Old Way
**This link isn't working at the moment - I'm leaving it up to remind myself to research a new site to link to. :-D**

How To

Candle and Soap Making Books One Stop Candle

Candle making

Everything You Need To Make Your Own Beeswax Candles (Western Wax Works)
Click on Western Waxworks on the lower right side of the screen.

Candles - Retail Sources

Yankee Candle Co. - Famous for Fragrance

Candles - Suppliers

Atlantic Spice (San Francisco Herb east coast)

Mann Lake Ltd., Beekeeping Supplies

About.Com Fragrance Suppliers - Candle and Soap Making

San Francisco Herbs

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